How it all began…


In January 2011, Life Community Church started with 10 faithful people who had a vision to be a part of something great in Columbia, IL. Some may ask, ‘Why Columbia?’. For all involved in leadership at that time, Columbia was a place where we knew (and still believe) that God wanted to do something new. Several members of the team had personally known and worked with Sherry Coleman before her death. Through prophecy and dreams, God confirmed in our hearts that He wants to bring Life back to this Community where death and darkness had taken hold.


With a lot of prayer, hard work, and God’s amazing grace, we are where we are today. LCC officially launched as a congregation on April 23, 2011.

Cornerstone Church Network

cornerstonStarting a church is not easy. We had never done it before and honestly did not know what to expect. The leaders of LCC did not want to start a church alone. We needed direction, accountability, and stability. So, through some pretty incredible and unexpected meetings, we were able to partner with and join a church-launching network called Cornerstone Church Network. This network has been instrumental in the success of LCC in more ways than we can count. Our hope is to be instrumental in planting more churches through this network, so we can spread the gospel even further in Illinois.


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Our First Building

old-bldgThrough our connection with the Cornerstone Network, we were given (that’s right given) our first building at 310 S Rapp Ave. This place helped us become who we are as a church and we would not be where we are today without this incredible gift. As we continued to grow, we went from 1 Saturday night service a weekend, to 3 weekend services just to fit everyone in. We officially bought our current building in late 2014, just 3 and a half years after our launch.

We (our leadership team) can in no way take credit for what God has done. Just to be apart of what He is doing is an honor.


We believe the best is still yet to come!