Our History

Remembering what God’s done in our church

How it all began…

In January 2011, Life Community Church started with a few faithful people who had a vision to be part of something great in Columbia, IL. Through many confirmations, God confirmed in our hearts that He wants to bring Life to this Community and His Church would be the way that happens. With a lot of prayer, hard work, and God’s amazing grace, we are where we are today. LCC officially launched as a congregation on April 23, 2011.


Cornerstone Church Network

We knew that starting a church wasn’t going to be easy and we needed some men, woman and churches to partner with. Cornerstone Church Network offered direction, accountability, and stability. This network has been instrumental in the success of LCC in more ways than we can count.


Our First Building

Through our connection with the Cornerstone Network, we were given our first building at 310 South Rapp Ave. This place helped us become who we are as a church and we would not be where we are today without this incredible gift. As we continued to grow, we went from 1 Saturday night service to 3 weekend services. We officially bought our current building in late 2014, just 3 and a half years after our launch.