What do our services look like?


At Life Community Church, we believe that coming together, worshiping Jesus, learning His Word, and growing in our relationships, all play a large part in our development as Christians. We are family, and there’s always room for more.


 Lifting up praise and worship in song together is a powerful thing. It’s powerful when we celebrate Who God is in this way.


We believe in Spirit-led worship at LCC, and we do all we can to make sure that every part of our time in worship is simple and pure in heart. It’s not a show. It’s all about giving Glory to Him. He deserves it!


Learning is essential for growth, and good teaching helps us grow. Teaching at LCC is dynamic, heartfelt, and Bible-centered. Our hope is that a love for God and a desire to know Him deeper is what is translated through every message at LCC.


Our messages generally are grouped by topic or theme within a message series so that we can go deeper into what God is saying to us as a church.


We believe that the Bible is 100% the Word of God. We base all teaching, worship, and direction from this book and it will always be a vital part of our services.


If you have a Bible and you plan on coming to a service, please bring it with you. Leather-bound. Paperback. Hardback. Digital. It doesn’t matter. But bring it with you and let’s see it come alive together.


We do not hand out communion elements every service at LCC, but we do believe in its power and try to incorporate this practice throughout the year.


Taking communion together helps us remember Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross and what He did to take our sin away.


Water Baptism is a physical declaration that you have decided to follow Jesus. Being dunked in the water signifies your old life being buried, and a new life being raised, washed clean by the love of God.


We do our best to have baptisms in our services a few times a year. And it’s always a great celebration.


Life Kids



Every service, we have something for all ages. Childcare class rooms for ages 0-1, 2-3, and 4-5. We also have Kids’ service for ages 6 and up.

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We love coffee! We brew a large fresh pot (or 2) every service especially for you. Coffee is free and donations are appreciated!

Service Times



We have two Sunday services at 9:00am and 10:30am.