Life Youth

For students who want to go higher

If you have a child in Life Youth, you can fill out the following permission slip to allow them to attend activities that happen off campus outside of church.


Download Permission Slip


Life Youth Church is our student ministries (or youth group) at Life Community Church, for students in 6th-12th grade.
We believe that teenagers have a unique and special opportunity to serve Jesus in their homes, schools, and social environments. Our hope is that at Life Youth, students learn how to become who God has called them to be, while developing a love for worship, the Bible, and relationships.

As a church we believe in community, and it’s no different with our students. Friendships are very important in the life of a teenager, and at Life Youth our hope is to deepen friendships around faith in God.

Weekend Services

We want our youth to experience the large church atmosphere as much as possible. During our weekend services, grades 6-12 will come to the large sanctuary for service.


LifeYth – Sixth Graders

For LifeYouth Sixth graders, there will be an announcement after worship service, for Life56 to be dismissed, at which time, 6th graders (along with 5th graders) will be encouraged to attend services where an age-specific message will be taught.


Family Night Wednesday

Wednesday nights are Family Nights! LifeYouth will meet at 6:30pm for fellowship, games, a time of worship, and a message. We also break up into “tribes” based on gender and grade for a deeper discussions about life and what the Bible has to say about it.