Heart of Addiction – Women’s Group


Thursdays, 6:30pm


Nearly every common behavioral problem is considered to be a “disease” in American culture today: gambling, overeating, excessive time spent on the internet, excessive shopping and spending, stealing, rebellious behavior, and certainly drugs and alcohol.

God’s Word lovingly tells us the truth about the “Heart of Addiction”, yet it is a neglected resource for those who suffer from these so-called “addictions”. One of the reasons for this is that people choose to believe the theories and ideas of mankind that the “disease” renders them powerless to overcome the problem.

Non-Christians have no power to truly overcome an “addiction” to they really are “powerless.” But a Christian is not powerless if he or she has the indwelling power of the Holy Spirit to enable them to say “no” to choices that will mentally enslave them. When that occurs, the Bible calls it a “sin” problem.

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