Homeless Ministry – June Outreach

Homeless Ministry – June Outreach

It was a hot day on the streets today. We started as usual in East St. Louis. Sharon and I took some meals into a young family whose young son was napping when we got in. The wife told us that her husband had checked himself into The Dream Centers alcohol treatment program this morning. So we prayed for Jamie and her husband, Scott. Their 2 year old sweet little boy was sleeping on a mattress on the floor. Tears poured down her face and mine. Seeing her pain and that little guy sleeping so peacefully on the floor of that condemned house broke my heart. 

I couldn’t help but think of the message Pastor Jamey shared when he reminded us we need to love the people God puts in our lives were they are because that is what Jesus did. Today we loved that little family and 70 other people. Please pray for Jamie and Scott and the little boy.

I know I say this a lot in these posts, but if you want to see the pastor’s messages come to life, come with us on one of our outings and open your heart to love the people God puts in front you. Over and over again you will be blessed; I know I have been.

Thank you to everyone that made cookies for us. They made a lot of people smile. One last thing – Tom and Marian have made all our meals for several years. Marian’s granddaughter has had some extreme health issues and they have had to spend a lot of time helping take care of her. With the stress it is adding, they have decided they need to step away from cooking the meals for a month or two until they can get things figured out with their granddaughter. So if any one or group or family would like to make some meals for the outreach let me know. Tom and Marian can help with amounts and ideas and we have the containers to pack it in and we can pay for the supplies if you want.

– Brent Ludwig

For more information on serving with our Homeless Ministry, contact Brent via email bmludwig@htc.net.

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