A Prayer Journey

9 January 2022

Scripture: Nehemiah 1-2

Often, our prayers are cries for help in desperate times. Maybe a car swerves into your lane, or a child is feverish in the middle of the night. God responds and meets us in our time of need. Other times, prayer is a Journey. We begin with a desire or a need that God places in our heart. We make the request known to God in prayer and continue in prayer and fasting for days, weeks, and sometimes months and years. In today’s message, we see that as soon as Nehemiah becomes aware of the destroyed walls of Jerusalem, he immediately begins to weep and mourn. He fasts and prays, and continues to do so for four months. One day, while in the presence of the king, the king notices his sadness. He tells the king what is troubling him, and before he knows it, God answers his prayer. The king tasks him with rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem. Like Nehemiah, we too should make our requests know to God, and continue to pray until God gives us peace in our heart or He graciously bring us to the answer of our prayer.