Abraham: Disobedience | Cloud Of Witnesses

24 September 2023

Scripture: Hebrews 12

When we think of Abraham, we frequently think of the promises that God gave to him, and the greatness of his faith.  But as is the case with many of the heroes of the faith, Abraham also had times of weakness where he disobeyed God.  Just like all of us, he gave way to his fears which resulted in a lack of faith. The lack of faith led to disobedience, and the resulting consequences led to pain for generations to come. Not only does disobedience bring consequences, but it also causes confusion, conflict, loss and regret.  And thanks be to God, it frequently leads to discipline.  Yes, thankfully, we have a loving Father who wants us to be better than we currently are, who is willing to discipline us as is necessary. Although discipline is uncomfortable while it is happening, in the end it  brings a harvest of righteousness (Hebrews 6:11).