Got Disciples?

23 January 2023

Series: Vision 2023

Scripture: John 5:16-30

In this message, we center our focus on Jesus as He goes about doing what His Father was doing. Jesus states that He cannot do anything on is own, but instead, He does what His Father tells Him to do. Whatever God says for Jesus to do, He does. He is completely driven by His Father. He is partnered with God the Father in Work, Unity and Love. While Jesus was on earth, He encouraged us to do like He did. He encouraged us to pattern our lives after His; making disciples. He also promised that after He ascended, He would send the Holy Spirit as a helper to us. As Christians, the Holy Spirit (God Himself) takes up residency within us and consistently guides us and nudges us to participate in His work. So, how will we respond to Jesus’s request? Will we make ourselves available to be used by the Holy Spirit to make disciples?