Jesus In My Family

19 March 2023

Series: Jesus In My ...

Scripture: 2 Kings 20

In 2 Kings 20, Hezekiah was faced with eminent death. In tears, he prays out to God, and within moments, God tells Isaiah that Hezekiah will live another 15 years. Later, Isaiah confronts Hezekiah after he shows off the treasures of Judah to the Babylonians. Isaiah informs him that a time is coming when all the treasures as well as some of his very own sons will be carried off to Babylon. Ironically, Hezekiah saw the message as “good” since it wasn’t going to happen in “his” lifetime. What about his people? Hezekiah showed no concern for his people, his family? He should have cried out to God as much for his people as he did for his own life.

Jesus describes our family as anyone who does the will of the Father, and Paul, calls out people who won’t care for their relatives as “worse” than unbelievers.

Do we show concern for our people? Are we taking care of our mother, brothers and sisters in Christ? Or are we being self-centered like Hezekiah?

Join us as we introspect and evaluate how we look at the needs of those around us.