Let Us Not Forget

15 October 2023

Do you remember a time when God did something awesome in your life? Do you recall
someone pouring their life into yours? In the message today, we wind back the clock to the time of Moses and Joshua. Early in Moses’s career as the Israelite’s leader, he received some great advice from his Father-In-Law, Jethro. He warned Moses that he would not be able to continue leading all of the Israelites by himself; he had to enlist the help of others. Moses listened, and as we see near the end of his life, he successfully passed the torch to Joshua. Joshua was empowered and ready to lead the Israelites into the promised land. We too have a torch to carry. Jesus commissioned all of us to teach others what he taught us (Matt 28:19). I encourage you to carry your torch well and to successfully pass it on to others. Let Us NOT forget our commission from Jesus!