WHO do YOU submit TO?

27 November 2022

Series: King Jesus

Scripture: Isaiah 9:6-7

Many see the word Submission as a nasty word; one that they try to avoid. They fight against the very thought because they see it as a contradiction to happiness and a fulfilled life. The reality is that whether they know it or not, they are submitting to someone or something. They may be submitting to their own selfish desires or maybe they are submitting to another’s desires.

Enter King Jesus. He is the King of Kings and there is no domain that is not His. He is undisputed. We want to have a relationship with Him, but are we willing to be in submission to Him as our King? Are we willing to de-throne the gods in our life for the One True God, King Jesus? In the first episode of our new series, we tackle the ALL IN approach to submission to our One True King, Jesus.