A Loving / Serving Culture

A Loving / Serving Culture

Culture:: a set of unwritten rules that determine how people in an organization act, react, communicate, problem-solve and treat each other.

What kind of culture do we find ourselves in?  Do we conform to the culture that surrounds us…the culture of doubt, baggage and lack of trust? Or are we ready and willing to build a culture that is different from that? A few weeks ago, we celebrated as a church our half birthday….6 month old!! Instead of having a normal service, we decided to do something a bit different and start building a culture we feel is much needed in our church…the culture of dialogue. As you walked into the building that night (the 19th of November), you were probably a little caught off guard walking into the sanctuary, seeing round tables with snacks instead of the usual rows of chairs. As the night went on, instead of following the usual layout of our saturday night services, we discussed (as a church) how we are doing as a church only 6 months old. Pr Jamey shared a number of things that we as a church (in our short time together) have been amazingly blessed with. Like the fact that our building was given to us, and as a church we are totally debt free while having on-going projects in the church. We talked about areas in which we as a church are doing well, successfully building a culture that loves & serves Jesus, each other, and our community. We also talked about areas where we are lacking. We believe we had a healthy discussion as a church that night and we would love to hear more from you. Please leave your comments on how you think we can improve as a church that desires to build a culture of loving Jesus and Serving People. How can we better serve our community? We would love to hear your thoughts and keep building our culture of dialogue. Thank you.

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