Get into the Bible.

Get into the Bible.

Over the past few weeks, both Pr. Jamey and Pr. Vinny have been challenging us to get into the word of God in a deeper way than many of us have known before. With a large number of resources available to us to help us study the Bible in a deeper way, we thought we would share those resources with you. Here are some of our favorite, 100% free resources: is a massive resource that has pretty much everything you need to dive in deeper in your study. Concordances, videos, commentaries, and all the versions you can think of.

Biblegateway is very similar to blueletterbible in that it also is a very large resource with many of the same features. The layout is a bit more user friendly, but both are equally powerful.

Youversion not only gives you lots of Bible versions to choose from, but has a very user friendly interface. Youversion also has the ability to connect to all your social network sites to share your studies. Youversion has a great mobile app as well that I use all the time to read the bible anywhere!

Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance Online

If your looking for just a concordance reference, this is a great one! Strong’s is one of the most popular bible concordances out there, and you can search through it for free here.

These are just a few resources, there are many more! Since we admit that we don’t know everything, feel free to post a comment containing your favorite Bible study resource that we may have missed.

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    All those sites are awesome. But if you are looking for commentaries, here’s the link: Study Light also has dictionaries and encyclopedias and a lot of other helpful ideas. Just wanted to throw this out there!

  • Thank you Rachel, Studylight is an amazing online tool that should be checked out. Thanks for sharing and thanks for visiting the site!

  • Its awesome..
    Thanks Sharing..

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