52 Days

26 December 2021

Scripture: Nehemiah 1-2

As we begin our new series, we visit a cup bearer named Nehemiah in the year 445 B.C. Nehemiah gets word that Jerusalem is in ruins. The walls are torn down and the city gates are burned. Stricken with grief, Nehemiah mourns, fasts, and prays to God. God gave him a burden to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem. As a cup bearer, Nehemiah wasn’t primed for the task, but he was called by God for the task, and after 52 days, they finished rebuilding the walls in Jerusalem. Like Nehemiah, God also gives us burdens to do things. It might be a burden to start something that you’ve never done before. It might be a burden to stop something that you know is destroying your life. Regardless of what it is, it needs to be done….and the time is NOW!