A Whole New You

19 April 2022

Scripture: Luke 22

Today’s message begins in Luke 22, where we find Jesus eagerly looking forward to His final meal with His disciples. Surprisingly, Jesus wraps a towel around His waist, and begins to wash the disciples feet. He washes everyone’s feet, including Judas, who He knows will soon hand Him over to be crucified. In total humility, Jesus served His disciples until the very end. In John 13, we are told that we too should wash one another’s feet. In other words, Jesus is wanting us to be servants like Him. What? How can our life be transformed into a life like Christ? Paul summed it up best in Philippians 3 when he said that he wants to experience the power of the resurrection of Jesus through knowing Him. When we come to know Jesus as our savior, He transforms us into a new creation. He doesn’t make us into a better version; he creates a whole NEW you. We cannot do it alone, and we certainly cannot do it in our own strength. We were made to depend on Jesus.