Perspective is Everything!

11 April 2022

Scripture: 2 Corinthians 5

Perspective drives us. It strongly flavors the world around us, and when it is not aligned with reality, it drives us to false conclusions, incorrect responses and unnecessary hardships. Think of the last time that you thought something was true, then later realized that what you believed wasn’t true. In your realization of truth, your perspective shifted. You began to see the situation through a new lens. You may have come to the realization that you responded inappropriately because of a false truth. Unfortunately, a common issue among believers is an incorrect perspective of God. We see Him in a light that is not accurate. We judge His responses according to an image that we conjured up on our own. Flawed expectations bring us to conclusions that aren’t founded on truth. So how do we correct these invalid perspectives. Simply said, we do so through the Word of God. The Bible describes in detail, who God is. It has countless examples of Him interacting with humans like us, where we can gain understanding of who He is. If we ensure that we build our picture of God solely on the Word of God, we can’t go wrong.