Do You Hear Knocking?

22 July 2021

Series: Movement

As we continue in our Movement series, we dig into Acts 19-20, where Paul decides that he will be heading to Jerusalem. None of his friends want him to go because he and they know that this will lead him to prison and suffering. As much as they try to dissuade him, he insists on following God’s leading to Jerusalem. Just as God had a plan for Paul, He has a plan for every believer. He is knocking on our doors, and we need to open the door to understand His plan for our lives. Once we open the door, we may discover that the plan may not be pleasant or that it might take us through rough times and suffering. We have to stay true to God’s plan, regardless of where it leads us. God has a perfect plan, but He won’t force us to follow it. We have to trust him and walk in faith to accomplish His plan for our lives.