Your Story

14 November 2021

Series: Movement

Today, we delve into Acts 22 & 23, where we continue in the Movement series. We pan across the account of Paul, where he is speaking before the Jewish Synagogue in Jerusalem. He is telling them the details of his story; the actual account of how God has led him from persecuting the church to becoming a promoter of the church to the Gentiles. He doesn’t sugar coat it, but instead he shares the good and bad of his life, leading up to this moment. The Jewish leaders do not like what they hear, but they cannot debate it. It is his story! Likewise, you have your story; life experiences that happened to you. Your story cannot be debated, because it is your story. Even if your story sounds unbelievable, it cannot be debated because it is your story. God asks us to share our story, because he can use it to change people’s lives. Are we willing to share our story?