Jesus In My Depression

26 February 2023

Series: Jesus In My ...

Scripture: 1 Kings 19

The Bible documents 132 times that Jesus touches people. Only 10 times did he work with people in and around the temple. The other 122 times, Jesus was interacting with people in normal streams of life. We too should realize that if we are to be successful in our mission, we have to be changed by God in our normal streams of life, not just within a church setting.
In today’s message, we address a common problem for many, Depression. The problem has doubled its affect over the last three years, and is second only to heart disease, in causing death in the United States today.
Walk with us through 1Kings 19, where we see one of the greatest prophets of the Old Testament, Elijah, go through a season of Depression. See how he falls into this trap of the enemy, and ultimately, how God delivers him from it.