Jesus Is Coming

16 December 2021

Scripture: Luke 2

When we read the Bible, we can see clearly that Salvation is available for everyone. Throughout the life of Christ, He continually demonstrated that He didn’t have favorites. He loved people regardless of their physical condition. He healed people independent of their social status. As we read in Luke 2, even at the moment of His birth, He crossed the social divide to tell the world of His coming via some of the lowliest people of that time. The first Birth Announcement of the creator of the world was given first to Shepherds. He didn’t announce the birth to royalty or the wealthy, but to a group of outcasts who were accustomed to downward looks from others in their society. Like the Shepherds, we may feel unworthy, unloved, or inadequate. We may feel that society looks down on us because of our past or even because of our present. But not God. He loves us and wants to use us. Just as God chose the Shepherds to announce the birth of our King, God chooses us. Jesus is coming, and He is coming for EVERYONE that wants Him and accepts His way to salvation.